The Sirus Gaming Review Policy

“Every opinion is respected…”



Lexuzze Tablante Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Hey everyone! Lexuzze Tablante here, the Editor-in-Chief and founder of Sirus Gaming Philippines. I’ve been a gamer for 15 years, and followed a lot of online publication and gaming magazines. It’s my sole job and purpose to oversee what happens in our reviews and what my staff and contributors are doing. And my second responsibility as a editor-in-chief means that I will make sure that everyone in our team follows the review policy. One thing I don’t tolerate within my group: BIASED REVIEWS. Sirus Gaming’s goal is to give our audience guidance and help on games they purchase. Will it be worth it? Or is it just going to be another waste of money? Our reviews will be monitored closely by myself, the executive editor, and the assistant editor.

What we want to have on our reviews is the balance between both Objective and Subjective. Reviews are always based on our opinions but that is not everything that readers just want to see, right? Readers also want facts on the game and what they offer, not just pure opinions. Video-games are still products, and every product subjected to a review should have a balance of both opinion and fact. Credibility is what we want to maintain.

In Sirus Gaming, we receive review copies from the developers and publishers. These reviews have embargoes that we follow. As journalists, we respect these embargoes as this is one aspect where our website’s credibility is based on. If a review copy is not provided to us then we purchase the game from our own pockets and that means there are no embargoes holding off our reviews.

Here are our scores:
Disclaimer: Our scores are based on our opinions about the game and how it made an impact to us.

10: All-Time-Fave – I have nothing to say more but you’ll miss your gaming life if you don’t have this game.

9: Awesome! – It’s a must-have game and can secure a spot in your collection.

8: Worth It! – It’s highly recommended. It’s your bang-for-the-buck game! There are elements that outweighs the bad parts.

7: Good – A recommended game, it’s missing a few things but it’s a fun experience for players.

6: Justified – The game is a good buy depending on your preferences of what a “good buy” is.

5: Mediocre – It’s a kind of game that makes you ponder on what-could-have-been.

4: It’s Okay? – A game where you had fun but in the end you still had a comment of “meh”.

3: Bad – The game is just really bad. Simple.

2: Torment – The game gave you more horrors in your real-life experience than in your nightmares.

1: H.I.V. (Hair Is Vanishing) – You’ve spent more time pulling your own hair and scratching your scalp when you’re playing.

0: Earth Died – This is a game where you just want to burn every discs.

If you have any questions or concerns about our reviews, feel free to email me lextablante[at]