Roxanne Co

The Sexy Brutale – Review

Man, this game was a ride. The Sexy Brutale, or as I like to put it, “Lafcadio Boone’s very, VERY long Saturday”, is a groundhog day loop murder mystery, in whi...

Death Squared – Review

Death Squared is basically if Portal had no shooting in it, and the only things that die repeatedly are the companion cubes, and there’s at least two of them. I...

Loot Rascals – Review

Loot Rascals is a step-turn-based alien-punching roguelike, in which you control a cartoony astronaut out to get the titular alien rascals. The game picks up af...
Roxanne Co

Roxanne Co


A geeky cosplayer that sometimes plays video games. Self-professed filthy casual and long time Pokemon fan. Currently saving up cash for her next rolling spree in Fate Grand Order.