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About Sirus Gaming

sirus logoThe Sirus Gaming team is a group of passionate video-game journalists and gamers from the Philippines dedicated to bring you the latest reviews and previews in the video-game industry. Our team of writers are selected for their knowledge on the video-game industry, quality articles, and reviews.

Our goal as a team is to provide quality content to our readers in our country and gamers around the world. Our review section is also strictly monitored to provide our readers the information needed about the games they want to buy. And most importantly, our main goal is to become the official gaming website in the Philippines.

We are also under the Fremen Media publishing group and an official partner of the UK-based independent game development site that focuses more on indie games,

The Sirus Gaming Editorial Team


Profile Pic copyLexuzze Tablante
Editor-In-Chief | Founder
Born in Quezon City, Philippines. This young fellow studied Information in Technology and currently learning Game Development and Journalism. Lex played video-games ever since he was 5 years old. His passion for gaming and journalism led to the creation of Sirus Gaming to provide quality content to Pinoy gamers and all gamers around the world. He plans to unite the gaming community like how GamesMaster Philippines contributed to the Philippine gaming community. Currently residing in Cebu City, Philippines.

dave2Dave Acuña
Co-Editor-In-Chief | Co-founder
Dave spent most of his waking life wondering what he could be good at to break free from the skill limbo. Dave graduated with a degree in hospitality and food industry and has worked as a manager in a restaurant. Currently residing in the house where he lived most of his life, Dave spends most of his seemingly endless vacation time on learning new skills such as reading Japanese characters and advanced photo manipulation in Photoshop. With the current status of his PC, Dave will be focusing on doing mobile phone game reviews for the time being.

james labraJames Labra
James was born in Cebu City and up until last year he moved to the US. He studied in Don Bosco Technology Center from Elementary to High school then went to University of San Carlos for a degree in Political Science but eventually shifted to Psychology. He is currently not studying since he needs to wait for a year of residence. He speaks English and Bisaya but the latter not so fluently. He has been playing multiple games of multiple genres since he was at the ripe age of 7. He doesn’t have any journalism or writing experience but he plans to learn so he can get some. He’s currently single (subject to change). He is also very eager to be part of the team.

jp biyoJP Biyo
Co-founder (inactive)
Currently a BA Psychology major studying in UP Diliman and am currently residing in Quezon City for the duration of his college stay. He has been an avid video game fan since childhood with a particular preference towards role playing games and story based games. He is also been practicing digital art for the past three years and have had a few his works featured in character design suggestion contests in the flash webgame Oversoul. He has little experience in journalism, but has the full intent on learning the ropes in order to deliver quality content.


kim3Kimberly Mae Go
Communications Director
Extremely organized, dependable person who takes pride in her work. Kimberly enjoys problem solving and exhibits strategic knowledge and judgment. She is passionate about words and ideas. Every now and then she spends time contemplating about life and considers everything, including herself, as a work in progress. In gaming, she expresses interest more in casual games like platformers, puzzle, adventure, and story-based games. She enjoys winning, yet mostly is concerned with the pleasure derived from entertainment.


flipFelippe Baricuarto
Core Member




Jem Sagcal
Staff Writer
Graduating from the University of Santo Tomas with a degree in journalism, Jem has a passion for storytelling. She has written Features and News stories, as well as PR articles, for local magazines, newspapers, and online outlets. In her (rare) spare time, she reads novels and plays a variety of immersive video games; games where story meets art, and where reality blurs with fantastical imagination.

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Albert Christian Co
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Christian Ponce
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john fernandez

John Matthew Fernandez





Jan Lemuel Goyeneche




haideesirusHaidee Pinote




leifLeif Bornales
Core Member
A Cebu native, Leif was first introduced to the world of video games at the young age of 6. Since then, he aspired to be a video game developer. Graduated Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, he set his eyes to game development but settled for a research and development gig. After 5 years, he finally found his place in a gaming account and is now currently working as a Quality Analyst for a gaming account situated in Manila. With a PC, a PS4, and a 3DS within his grasp. Leif is an all-around, multiplatform gamer that has played across multiple genres of games.


joecelJoecel Cruz




Carlo Miguel Cutanda