Microsoft has been lacking in exclusives while Sony is dominating the industry from all directions that everyone could have imagined. The lack of Xbox exclusives will not change soon according to an industry insider under the NeoGAF username “Matt”.

Matt’s statement follows:

“MS is not meaningfully increasing their investments in or focus on first party. That could change, I would love for that to change, but it hasn’t.” – posted over NeoGAF.

It seems that Microsoft is not in any way focusing on new IPs relatively soon aside from Sea of Thieves if this is truly accurate — well, you know how the internet can spur out a lot of misleading details. But it does actually show that Microsoft is not investing on their first-party studios. We don’t get to see any new first-party IPs from their first-party studios, and all we get are simply sequels of Gears, Forza, and Halo.

If you take the likes of CupheadReCore, Crackdown 3, Ori, State of Decay 2 as first-party exclusives, they’re not literally “first-party exclusives” as Microsoft made deals with these studios to make their games solely exclusive to Microsoft and publish them. Let’s use the proper term “third-party Microsoft exclusives”.

This is an awfully terrible strategy that Microsoft is taking. With the launch of their mid-generation Xbox One X is relatively closing in, what can this mid-gen upgrade offer aside from first-party sequels, 4K, horsepower, UHD blu-ray playback, and third-party titles? Nothing.

Microsoft is too reliant on third-party developers to make the games for them. Instead of molding their first-party teams, acquiring other studios to have that diversity Sony has, they would rather focus more on third-party content. It’s not a bad thing to do, but it didn’t do well for them if we look into the statistics and the game’s quality. Even if the original Xbox One is inferior to the PS4, if it only offered what the PS4 did in terms of exclusives then it would have also sold well.

I love the existing library that Microsoft has, but it gets too old fairly quickly. The spark isn’t there anymore if a sequel of Halo and Gears will be announced. The level of excitement has been drained, and this is something that Microsoft should remedy. That cancellation of Scalebound still scarred me the most as I’ve been waiting for that Xbox third-party exclusive. But it seems that we get more cancellations than delays, which the latter is actually the lesser evil. Project Spark? Axed. Fable Legends? Axed. Scalebound? AXED.

I hope this is just a hearsay, and if it’s not then I hope Microsoft will rectify this soon than never.

  • SJ777

    lol quoting some random poster on neogaf? Your fanboy website is garbage dude.

    • Lexuzze Tablante

      “I hope this is just a hearsay, and if it’s not then I hope Microsoft will rectify this soon than never.”

  • spideynut71

    As far as ReCore, SoD and Crackdown go, MS owns those IPs, so they aren’t “third party”. There’s only 2 parties involved…the developer, and the publisher (and IP holder) Microsoft…so it is mathematically impossible for these games to be considered “third party”. If you want to use the “proper term”, as you say, then that would be “second party”.

    • Lexuzze Tablante

      Second party or third party, it’s still made by a third-party developer. Titanfall is “technically” owned by Microsoft right? So it’s ironic they didn’t renew their exclusivity with Titanfall 2.

      • spideynut71

        LOL….you reply to me with even more misinformation.

        No, MS DOES NOT own Titanfall. It was never anything more than a paid exclusive. Period. Respawn owns the IP, and EA holds the publishing rights.

        • Lexuzze Tablante

          Thank you for letting me know. EA holds the publishing rights, but MS made a deal with EA/Respawn to have Titanfall exclusive to X360 and XBO. That’s still considered to be a “console exclusive”.

          • spideynut71

            Yes, and Respawn openly talked about the deal, from the very beginning, and also made it abundantly clear that no such exclusivity deal would be in place for any sequel. This was all over the gaming media, covered extensively at the time it was relevant.

          • Lexuzze Tablante

            It was. So there you go. I appreciate the correction about third-parties. Second-Party slipped my mind a bit while writing this. This is similar to Insomniac Games’ Ratchet & Clank since the game is a second-party title.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            Because they realized that their “deal” actually cost them a CRAP LOAD of money as their install base was garbage.

            Hence they never went forth on the second installment for their “exclusivity…” Because that would have been a blatant mistake on their part.

  • Demetre M

    Aww STFU already 2000 trash articles and all written by Sony corporate dick lickers seriously STFU no one cares what you write article is trash and so are you

  • Joshua Rizk

    I thought Microsoft own or bought Moon studios who makes Ori?

    • Lexuzze Tablante

      By the looks of it, they are still an independent studio and partnered with Microsoft.

  • hvd hvd

    how many big AAA title exclusives has sony had 1 hzd get you facts is 1 and done for the year.i dont give a shi* about crappy jrpgs or AA ps3 delayed games like gt sport.

    bias media or i mite just start saying fake media.

    • Lexuzze Tablante

      You fail to see the difference of “opinion pieces” and “news”.

      • hvd hvd

        i see bias toward sony in your opinion piece also i go by facts.

        fact 1 sony has done 1 AAA title a year hdz was delayed to this year.
        fact 2 xbox is launching a new console so some games are held back common sense.
        fact 3 while you will be playing a ps3 delayed gt sport a AA title ill be playing forza 7 and player unknowns battle grounds and many more this holiday.
        fact 4 sony wont have any holiday games as usual unless is a delayed game like gt sport and thats not AAA.

        so #fake news since you are bias media.

        • Lexuzze Tablante

          Fact 1: Wrong. Nier: A, GT Sport, NiOh, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Crash N Sane, uhh should I type more?
          Fact 2: Opinion.
          Fact 3: Not fact, an opinion. PUBG is a timed exclusive, nothing to boast about. What are these “more” games you’re trying to mention so I can say that it’s a “fact” if there is any.
          Fact 4: GT Sport is not AAA = an opinion.

          Fakes News =/= Opinion.

          You might want to use the word “bias” right my friend, maybe my pal Jim Sterling can help you understand more about what teh “bias” mean. 🙂

          • Ucouldntbemorewrong

            Save your breath on HIV, he just spews the same thing over and over again.

          • hvd hvd

            lol the truth is a troll my friend

          • hvd hvd

            i can see your bias media view thats for sure.everyone knows about the sony bias media.we just call it out now.


        • GeekGI

          @ Hvd Hvd,

          Not to stir the pot here but while most of your points are opinion points and I can respect that, one of your points is objectively incorrect, namely #4. Not that these games fancy your interest, however, the PS4 has some impressive console exclusives, which just released and for the remainder of the year, as well, such as:

          Nex Machina (metacritic – 88)
          Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (metacritic – 80)

          Accel World vs Sword Art Online (metacritic – 64)
          Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (metacritic – 86)
          Pyre (metacritic – 86)

          Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
          Sudden Strike 4
          Uncharted Lost Legacy
          Everybody’s Golf
          Yakuza Kiwami

          Knack 2

          Gran Turismo Sport
          Horizon Zero Dawn – Frozen Wilds Expansion

    • Ucouldntbemorewrong


  • Lord Jamar

    another bias dead horse xbox bash topic, go sell your xbox if you own one if you dont then dont buy one they showed tons of games but you kinda fanboys one seem care about the word exclusive no matter how shit the game is a fucking word just so you can feel better about your console war im so sick of these articles so fucking trash god the same shit over and over we get it alright this crap is so vindictive

    • Lexuzze Tablante

      So you can have your own opinion and I cannot?

      • Lord Jamar

        maybe have a original one not one out of a echo chamber

        • Lexuzze Tablante

          Here are some originals that I wrote. Yes, I own an Xbox One and never did regret buying one. And yes, I’m still getting the Xbox One X for “future proofing” purposes. And yes, third-parties will look slightly and perform a bit better on X.

          What I dislike, no new IPs. That’s it. It’s still a decent console from Microsoft.

          And also, this is why I said: “I hope this is just a hearsay, and if it’s not then I hope Microsoft will rectify this soon than never.” If I’m totally biased, then I would wish Microsoft to rot in hell than hoping them to make it better soon.

          • Lord Jamar

            im just sick of the dead horse agenda echo chamber bull shit we get it already. either sell your xbox or just dont play it any more but stop posting the same crap over and over you all sound the same. post something original a original thought something with substance not the echo chamber bull crap. xbox showed games they did but you kinda people only care about a console war and a word exclusive damn everything else only exclusives matter only those are worth playing apparently thats all you play the way you talk i got no reason to believe anything you said but just sell your xbox if you have one and move on you kinda people wont be pleased with anything they do an way

          • Lexuzze Tablante

            Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion as you do.

          • Lord Jamar

            what a half assed response

          • Lexuzze Tablante

            I don’t have further explain myself. I’ve already pointed out what I have to say.

          • Doggystyle ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            You poor wittle thing.

  • Tga215

    To be honest you have valid points but people forget people pick systems to where they friends are at and most people pick to play exclusives too but as a gamer I game mostly on Xbox I play my PS4 for the exclusives that’s it but once your done with a game example horizon dawn I platinumed the game so I have no reason to play it again where as gears 4 I beat the campaign but still play till this day for Multiplayer experience just my opinion

    • Lexuzze Tablante

      I talked about it in a different topic that it’s always best to pick the system where your friends play. This one concentrate on the topic of its lack of exclusives.

      But yes, I’m loving Gears and Halo multi and play on it sometime. Upvote for you and gonna pin this.

      • Tga215

        They do need help with exclusives but people forget making a new ip isn’t going to happen overnight just wait and see phill spencer has been good on his words so I’ll give him time

    • Lexuzze Tablante

      Disqus should integrate a “Haha” reaction button.


        Maybe next year!