When it comes to gaming, you tend to have two options for playing. You can either buy a console or opt to play your games on a PC. If you follow gaming websites and forums, you know that the competition over which is better can get heated. However, the consensus often agrees that PC gaming will provide you with more value than console gaming. Here are the eight big reasons this is the case.

1. Cheaper and easier to upgrade

Upgrading your PC is a lot easier and cheaper than adding more power to your console. If you notice your console is getting old, you really don’t have any other option than to buy a new console.

However, if you want to get a better graphics card or you are looking for more storage, you can just purchase the part you need. You don’t need to necessarily upgrade the whole PC just to make it slightly better.

2. Your gaming library is huge and extends way back in time

Consoles aren’t as backward compatible as PCs. Although both Sony and Microsoft are working hard to ensure that people who own the previous consoles also get to play the games on the newer versions without having to re-purchase, these backward compatible games are still rather rare.

PCs, on the other hand, allow you to play games all the way back to the early era of PC gaming. You can download different ports that allow things like DOS-gaming. This means that when you buy a PC game, you are able to play it forever.

3. PCs perform other essential functions

Consoles are still rather one-purpose gadgets. While you can use them for streaming, the list of functions a PC can do is much bigger. You can easily use them to browse the web, work, store and edit photos, talk to your friends and family and so on. Therefore, when you spend money to buy a PC, you’re not just spending money to buy a gaming computer, but a utility tool you can use for all sorts of things.

4. Flexible control options 

Consoles only offer you a single controller you need to use. It essentially has to fit your style of play or you can’t really do much about it. However, your PC offers you plenty of flexibility. You can change the keyboard to a different model and get a mouse that best suits your play style. You’re essentially not tied to a specific brand or design – you can pick whatever fits you and the games you play. If you like to play with a console controller, you can even do this with a PC.

5. You can find more sales

PC gaming is much better when it comes to sticking to a budget. You have a lot more saving opportunities. When you are playing on a console, the console-specific sales are rather rare and even the console games available at gaming retailers tend to be less exciting as work PC games.

A quick glance at OZCodes.com.au reveals a lot of gaming retailers selling PC titles for cheaper than console. Not to mention that platforms like Steam have huge summer sales that can help you grow your gaming library cheaper.

6. You can test games

With PC, it’s much easier to just test a game without spending a fortune on it. Platforms, such as Origin and GOG.com allow gamers to buy a game, try it for a bit and then get a full refund if you don’t like it. With consoles, you don’t have this option. The reason this matters is not just because it gives you flexibility in testing different genres. But you also get to make sure the games you play run smoothly on your PC and you don’t have a problem playing them.

7. You can get the same games

Console used to enjoy exclusives, but the era of console exclusivity is now over. You can consider Destiny, for instance. The game came out as console exclusive; however, the latest edition will also come out on a PC almost simultaneously. You really won’t be missing major titles just because you play on a PC.

8. The Initial Cost

One of the major reasons console gaming has attracted people in the past has been the initial cost. You used to be able to snatch a new edition of a console for US$400-500. On the other hand, this wouldn’t have previously provided you with a decent PC build. Computers simply cost more.

However, if you are able to build your own computer and you spend some times checking out parts with different retailers, you can get a decent gaming computer for the same price as a console. If you want to add even more power to it, you don’t need to spend more than a few hundred more. Therefore, the initial cost of buying a PC has dropped. Combine this with the other reasons listed above and you can understand why buying a PC is better than buying a console.

  • MyBodyIsReady

    Was this written by Gabe Newell?

  • PcRules

    Damn well said couse it’s Just the Truth 🙂
    I have allways played on consoles to but lately my PS4 are collection dust – as they mostly do 😉
    And dont start talking about the PS4 Pro and xbone X, what a load of crap..I hope consoles dies out.
    One plattform is all we need and that my friends spells Pc – plain and simple!!

  • Michael Herauf

    ummm… you cannot build a gaming PC for the same price as a console. a GTX 1080 will run you $500. if you then want to get a fast CPU, that’s $250. memory, SSD, power supply, etc. 2K minimum for a top notch gaming PC.

    and their are still loads of console exclusive games. Zelda, Horizon Zero Dawn, Mario, Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of War.

    i’m not slamming the PC at all, i love PC gaming, particularly indie games. the author of this article needs to do a little research before putting this kind of information out there.

    • GrimmyReaper

      If you pay 2k for your PC, it will destroy any console and the next generation easily.

    • SinkingSage

      My sub par PC beats the hell out of the PS4 with a 2011 GPU (a GTX 560) and an i3.

      You don’t need a 1080, a 1050 is more powerful than a PS4, hell, a 750 Ti will give it a run for it’s money.

    • durka durka

      This again? This has been disproven time and time again.

  • Brian Dub

    My favorite games aren’t on PC and never will be, so no thanks.

    • Clate


    • Dynasty2021

      Zelda Breath of The Wild wasn’t on PC, yet here I am running it via CEMU for free, using my PS4 controller.

      Also I can emulate the PS1, PS2, PS3, Vita. Take your pick.

      I have a PS4 for Uncharted 4 and…err…Horizon ZD. That’s it. Nothing else worth getting.

  • xskullx

    If you are a true gamer buy a PC and all the consoles so you do not miss out on any exclusive games. If you can only afford one console or PC then buy whatever you want and go to forums or comment sections explaining how the one you bought is the best one so you feel better about yourself.

  • durka durka

    I read some stupid comments on n4g… HUR DUR NO ONE WANTS TO DEAL WITH UPGRADING ALL THE TIME..

    Really? All the time? Current consoles are 5 year old pcs, you dont NEED to upgrade all the time. But hey ps4 pro and xbox x… so much for no upgrading i the consoles.



    Download game, install game, update game, update firmwire, pay for online, log in, it is definetly not plug and play anymore.

    Therefore pc wins. Keep paying higher prices for games and mp…and have less games to play in the end.

  • Clate

    Some of these are true and some are complete bull. Console gaming hardware will ALWAYS be cheaper. You can not buy an off the shelf PC that can touch a PS4 for 250$ and forget about touching a PS4 Pro for 400$.

    The vast majority of consumers do not build PCs. With all of this said I do have a gaming laptop I do enjoy tremendously which is more powerful than a base PS4 but if I had to pick between my PS4 and gaming PC my laptop would get kicked to the curb lol.

    • Dynasty2021

      How much was your 4K TV? $1000? Already more expensive than TRUE 4K PC gaming which can be done for less at a higher FPS than your shitboxes at $4-500.

      How much was your couch? Your surround sound? Extra controller? Pay to play online? $20-30 more per game?

      Cheaper on consoles? Shove off.

  • Simon

    What a load of biased rubbish! If you’re going to write an article like this, please ensure that you research it properly!

    1. “Easier to upgrade” – what a load of crap. Yes, a large proportion of upgrading a PC can be easy. However, how do you upgrade the memory when your slots are full? You’re left with spare memory chips that are of no use. Upgrading the CPU, you have to make sure the slot on your mobo is compatible with the CPU you’re buying, that in itself is an absolute minefield. And don’t get me started on the GFX cards that don’t run some games very well!

    2. “Gaming library is huge” – Fair point, it can be. However, you don’t mention the flipside of having to edit files or download patches or run your OS in compatibility mode in order to get some games running. The issues I’ve had trying to get Fallout 3 working in the past is a nightmare. Sure, on console you have to wait for the devs to make a game back compat or hope it appears on the store, but once it does, you stick the game in and it runs!

    6. “You can test games” – I’ve often found it very easy to return a physical game to a shop if I have issues with the game or it’s not what I expected, so I don’t know where you’re getting that from. And, on the very very rare occasion that has failed, there’s always the option of selling the game on to someone else. Can’t do that with a digital PC game!

    7. “You can get the same games” – How’s Horizon Zero Dawn running on your PC? Oh wait, it doesn’t, because it’s a Sony exclusive! What a rubbish statement! Yes, there’s fewer exclusives now, but PC gamers generally have to wait longer for their version. How long after initial release did GTA V come to PC?! Looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2?! Oh no, wait, it hasn’t been announced for PC yet!!

    8. “Initial cost” – I challenge you to build a PC capable of running Witcher 3 at 1080p for the same price as a PS4 (sub-£200, whatever that is in $). You simply can’t! Sure, you can run games in beautiful 4K, 60fps on a PC…….but you’ll be paying top $ to do it!

    Then there’s the whole digital vs physical games argument. Once you’ve finished a PC game, what do you do with it? Oh that’s right, you sit staring at it in your library, remembering the money you’ve spent on it that you’ll never get back. Meanwhile, I’m down the shops or on the forums selling my finished console physical game, funding my next purchase. And you can’t even say that PC new releases are cheaper any more, cos they’re not. Or, on the odd occasion that they are, it’s only a few £/$!

    If you’re going to write an article like this, try and make more substantial, better researched arguments!

  • Dynasty2021

    More exclusives than the consoles combined, and a higher exclusive rating.

    Bang on all you want console owners about your exclusives, the FACT is our exclusives are more numerous and have a higher average rating.

    A lot are indies. So? A lot of console exclusives are ripoffs of original PC games.