First things first, look at the backdrop in the feature image: “This Is For The Players”. From a great library of exclusives, PS4 lacks one feature: backwards compatibility. Even if there’s no reason to actually have that feature added because we already have a lot of backlogs of amazing exclusives, it’s still a nice add-on to have.

Backwards Compatibility, some say it’s a feature that should be in next-generation consoles while others don’t agree with the idea of playing old and archaic games on a new generation machine. Common sense would strike. Why do you want to play old games in a new generation console? What’s the use? Get the old console than the new one. I get that a lot especially that one of my reasons why I bought an Xbox One was because of its backwards compatibility – aside from Scalebound and its exclusives.

It might be a feature that can be dismissed in consoles, but I know that 100% in the back of your mind you want to play classic games for nostalgia, or to catch up with its lore and to experience the first of the game’s kind without really worrying of getting old machines. I, for one, want to play classics that I’ve missed from the previous generations. Because back then, a person like me who barely affords a console and is left with my good old PS2 and skipping the PS3 and Xbox 360’s generation lifespan, backwards compatibility is one great feature to have. Buying an Xbox One gave me the chance to play great exclusives from Xbox 360, and it made me catch up to its lore and innovation.

In a recent Time interview with PlayStation’s Global Head, Jim Ryan, he mentioned that it’s one of the well-requested features to have for the PS4, but it’s “not actually used much.” Okay, you stop right there, Jim. Because if you’re basing it off from Xbox’s statistics, then you probably forget that PlayStation has a lot of exclusives that are worth going back to compared to the original Xbox’s line-up. It might be “ancient” like what you said, but it’s those games that we like to keep coming back, not just for nostalgia purposes, but for its gameplay and the memorable things we experienced — and for newcomers, the chance to play the first installments. Then the statistics for Sony about the usage of its feature will skyrocket unlike Xbox.

Who still remembers Brave Fencer Musashi?

Because one thing about backwards compatibility is that when a console generation goes higher, the more reason the machine can support the feature. Just like PC, when you have hardware and operating system upgrades, you get to still play old games – just like the PS2. It does go back to its business perspective that they won’t generate revenue when Sony would add that feature – their shitty streaming service PS Now will be out of commission if they add backwards compatibility support. That I understand, but Sony is already gaining a lot of revenue from their critically acclaimed exclusives, so I don’t think money is the issue here.

If you see it in a consumer’s perspective, it gives a lot of reason why you have to get the system. They would also be giving their customers convenience, and not to pay for something they already own. I mean, you, the readers, understand the logic, right? Why do you have to pay again for something, even though the price is lowered, you already own? It’s a nice feature to pop-in your classic games to your new console and play them again.

Some will say my argument is invalid because Sony is already doing remasters of great classics. That’s true, but I think my argument is not invalid. Why? Aside from paying for remasters of that only have minor improvements like Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, The Last of Us, and LocoRoco Remastered, I would rather pay for remakes like the upcoming Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet & Clank – games with major improvements that would put some justice to your well-earned cash.

Having backwards compatibility is never a bad thing, nor is it a taxing feature to add. I’m not saying it’s going to be a big leap for Sony if they have the feature, but doing so can also give newcomers who missed a lot of great classics a chance to experience them without the worry of paying a monthly service, connectivity issues, and buying old consoles that might not even be in the market anymore aside from used ones.

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  • spideynut71

    The funny thing is, prior to Sony stripping BC from the PS3…among several other things…they touted BC as a huge, must-have feature, bragging about the Playstation brand’s huge catalogue of classic games. Then they figured out how to make $$ off it, and the rest is history. “For the Players” indeed….

    • J.j. Barrington

      Was this before or after everybody complained about the cost of the PS3 being too high?

      • oOMunchMillerOo

        People complained about the stupid price, not the BC. The price was stupid, and people were right in complaining.

        With PS4, Sony could have easily software emulated the PS1 and PS2, and ran authentic discs, keeping costs negligible.

        I’m pretty sure everyone who isn’t dense, or a Sony fanboy that likes taking it in the rear from them, already realizes why there’s no BC. There’s no money for them in it, and they need to bend all the sheep over some more with stupid priced “PS Classics” and “PSNow”.

        • J.j. Barrington

          Yeah, okay.

    • oOMunchMillerOo

      At least someone gets it.

  • J.j. Barrington

    Too bad he’s not wrong.

  • Night Fall

    Thank you 😊. This is the second article that I read that touched base on this subject and made total amount of sense. Thanks!

    • PawnSacrifices

      Think the last paragraph could aptly sum BC’s principal idea up.
      You only need the 1 Xbox console to play games from each gen, in addition to having DVR & streaming this time round, as well as using the X1 controller natively.
      While Xbox users get access to past games (Free if you downloaded them on your 360 back in the day) or some you misses out on. It also allows those new to Xbox a chance to play 360 games (& as last paragraph points out) without having to buy a 360.
      Personally, my thinking was that Sony want BC for the PS4 too & realistically they’ve more than likely tried to program their own emulator, but ultimately failed. And by downplaying it now is tantamount in saying that the PS4 will never have it.

  • Bryan Nyhus

    Love Xbox One’s Backwards compatibility


    Right on. I always have said…..”It sure would be nice to have CHOICES…..”

  • Hvd

    sony donest give a crap.fu*k sony and the ps4.ill never buy a play station at and pc all the way.cant wait to see REAL NATIVE 4K games and exclusives on xbox scorpio at e3.

    cant wait to see all the bias hate as well and lol at them.

  • DarthDiggler

    @Lexuzze Tablante

    This article is just full of DUMB. Here are the stats from ArsTechnica, which is a great website that strives for accuracy and integrity. Your website could learn a few things from them.

    This data completely backs up what Jim Ryan says. Also Sony likely gathered similar data off the PS3 which informed their decision to Ax the costly Backwards Compatibility feature on PS3. Moving forward it looks like x86 will be the processor of choice so Backwards Compatibility should not really be an issue going forward.

    This does not mean Backwards Compatibility is not a feature people won’t use at all, this data clearly verifies that it is not a feature that will be used often. If you like playing last gen games on your next gen console — sobeit. Don’t suggest that your activities are the norm, when data clearly refutes that.

  • It’s all about choices. Nothing more nothing less.