We have come to the time when the most powerful console is revealed. It has been the talked by a lot of people since its official announcement last year, and Project Scorpio did get a lot of positive and negative feedback. But even with some negative feedback about Microsoft’s lack of exclusives, Project Scorpio, now officially called as Xbox One X, is one impressive piece of hardware to be tagged at a $499 retail price.

Now, $499 that can run games on native 4K is something that you don’t always get to see. Sony’s PS4 Pro is priced at a lower price of $399, but it does have its own caveats: no ultra-HD blu-ray player and it runs most of its newest releases on a checkerboard technique to deliver an almost identical 4K native resolution, and games also run at a cap of 30 frames per second. Xbox One X, however, delivers far better performance and stability as what we’ve seen at Microsoft’s press conference yesterday. Games will run at a native 4K resolution and most of them will run at 60 frames per second – a great example of that is the upcoming Forza Motorsport 7.

The original Xbox One was inferior compared to Sony’s PS4 in 2013. Most of the games such as Star Wars Battlefront, Watch Dogs 2, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare were mainly developed first on the PS4 before porting it over to Xbox One. But it seems that the tides are turning in favor of Microsoft. With Xbox One X as the most powerful console with almost similar piece of architecture with the PS4 Pro, we’ve seen worldwide reveal trailers of upcoming games that ran in-game on 4K like Assassin’s Creed Origins and especially BioWare’s latest IP – Anthem – revealed first at Microsoft’s E3. This means that most of the developers now, unless if there’s a partnership with Sony, will be making their games on Xbox One X first before doing the PS4 version.

Majority of the games revealed at Microsoft’s E3 press conference were from third-party studios, and there were only a few exclusives like shown such as Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, and the highly anticipated sequel – Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Most people will tell me I’m just going to waste my money for buying a high-end piece of plastic without exclusives. Now, exclusives are not the only the reason why we buy consoles, but we want to experience the full potential of titles like the upcoming Anthem and Star Wars Battlefront II. This is one of the main reasons why I want to buy Xbox One X over the PS4 Pro – the former provides more than the latter.

PS4 Pro is what I personally call as the “mid-generation upgrade”, while I call Xbox One X as the true “premium” console that can run original Xbox games (yes, it was announced) and Xbox 360 titles through backwards compatibility. Even if the Xbox One X titles will still be on Xbox One and Xbox One S, having an upgrade from my original Xbox One to a full true “4K” machine in both gaming and movies will be worth its price one way or another. While the PS4 Pro is something that I think is not really a necessity as it only provides minor improvements and it also doesn’t have a UHD blu-ray player, paying another $100 for a hardware with a huge upgrade and a full entertainment package will not be waste – and oh! It’s the smallest powerful console ever with an impressive liquid cooling vapor system.

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  • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

    Seriously? Whos the 12 year old that wrote this? How many times do you have to be told MOST games on xb1x will NOT reach 60 fps? Only racing sims and games that dont require much data will be able to get 60. Quit spreading false bs. Also, its 2017. I havent watched a dvd in 2 years. Theres no reason to have a blu ray/uhd player. Everything is streaming now. Dvd players are literally irrelevant.

    • OhWTFlol

      It seems that you don’t quite read articles thoroughly my friend, “Games
      will run at a native 4K resolution and most of them will run at 60
      frames per second – a great example of that is the upcoming Forza
      Motorsport 7.” There’s “most”, not all. So it’s not false.

      If you haven’t watched a DVD in 2 years, then I would suggest you make everything streaming then like “playing” games. So, technically, it’s no irrelevant. If ever when internet goes down, i hope it won’t, then say goodbye to your streaming services.

      • angh

        I never seen this statement. Crackdown 3 will be 30fps, metro is 30 fps. Forza is racing game, not much on CPU so 60 fps is possible, with pre-baked light.

      • J.j. Barrington

        You listed one game; how is that “most?”

    • Vulcanproject

      Yeah, I think these people need a dictionary to understand what the definition of ‘most’ is lol

      Forza 7 is one game, they showed like another 15 yesterday that obviously weren’t running 60FPS lol

    • Lexuzze Tablante

      Not sure how insulting people can make things better.

  • Vulcanproject

    Lots of major errors in the article. However this caught my attention most as the justification for Xbox One X:

    “But we want to experience the full potential of titles”

    Buy a PC then. Reality is Xbox One X isn’t the full potential of all those multi platform titles that were announced, PC is. It might be faster than PS4 Pro but it still isn’t king of the hill.

    Considering Xbox hardly has any games or upcoming games you can’t get on a PC then the best scenario here is having a PC for those ‘Xbox’ titles and you have a PC. For PC games.

    PC plus a PS4 Pro is about the best scenario you can get.

    • OhWTFlol

      A $499 console that can run at 4K and provide better stability on the machine is better than ones with a lot of bugs and optimization issues, I’d go for that machine than PC and PS4 Pro.

      • Vulcanproject

        It’s rubbish to claim PC is buggy and unstable.

        The fact is you’re paying $500 for a short lived console just to play better versions of multi platform console games essentially. This isn’t going to be a machine that has a long future as the fastest console.

        Well you may as well go the whole hog and pay $1000 for a PC to get even better customisable and configurable versions of those same games. With all the benefits the PC platform brings and a console can’t give you.

        While an Xbox One X will probably last about 2 years before it’s superseded as ‘the most powerful console’ and/or ditched for a totally new generation, you can keep the basis of a PC waaaaaay longer.

        Future proofing? That isn’t really a thing in videogames, but a well built PC would also be more ‘future proofed’ and available to upgrade incrementally.

        Some idiot will literally be writing this very same article in like 24 months about PS5. By the basis of this argument the whole Xbox One X machine will be as good as scrap if it was mainly bought for the best console multi plat versions, it’ll no longer be the case quickly.

        Whereas PC gamers will probably just drop in a new video card.

        • OhWTFlol

          Even for a $1000 gaming rig, it’s not even going to give you a safe passage for the ultimate “stability”. Let’s take Arkham Knight for example? How is that going for PC? How about GTA V’s initial launch on PC? Was it perfect? No. Even if PC is the way to move forward, technologically, it’s still hell expensive than getting a console that can can pretty much play games with better optimization.

          I’m pretty much a PC gamer, I’ve had my own fair share of shitty ports on PC while owning a console. So you don’t give me bullcrap that it’s “rubbish” to say PC is buggy and unstable — because most of the time, it is.

          • Vulcanproject

            Ahhhhh. Good. We can take Arkham Knight as a great example, I have that game on PC. Runs pretty good now. Lots of patches, newer hardware, it’s fine with a good system. I can show you my benchmark if you want.

            But I’ll ask you a question that’ll destroy this argument and bury it.

            Can you play Arkham Knight in 4K on your Xbox One X? Can you play it with all the bells and whistles turned up in 4K on console?

            I can play it in 4K on my PC like that. Do you have a console you can play it in 4K?

            GTA5 was ok at launch on PC. I had it on launch. It’s amazing today.

            This is why PC wins. I can play a great list of back catalogue games in 4K, I can play GTA5 in 4K with settings better than all the console versions.

            Will you be able to play GTA5 in 4K on console? No???

            Even if a PC game needs more performance later, you’ll end up with a faster PC for the same games and jack up the settings later to ‘future proof’ the platform better than any console.

            Huge advantage.

            Seriously I just destroyed you.

            If you can come up with anything other than your imaginary ‘buggy’ scenario for every game (which isn’t the case) to defeat the fact I can play games in your precious 4K you will NEVER play on a console in that way let me know.

            PC is the best machine for multis for many reasons asides from the above, and it’s much more ‘future proof’ than Xbox One X. It’ll cost more, but that’s because it’s way better. Go figure.

          • OhWTFlol

            Destroyed me? Really? Arkham Knight is one shittiest port ever in PC gaming’s history. Sure, go ahead. Let me see that “stable” 60FPS on 4K without any dips to 50 then you’ll have the crown in this argument.

            Really. I’m not sure why people like you are butthurt about a console getting features and “games” on consoles that the PC is not even getting. Salty words coming from you, isn’t it? 😉

          • Vulcanproject

            Consoles don’t run Arkham Knight in 60FPS.

            You’ll literally NEVER play Arkham Knight in 4K if you don’t play it on PC. You can lock it to a solid 4K 30FPS on a good PC with full settings now. In a year, maybe you’ll have hardware that can do 60FPS. It is inevitable.

            Answer my question. Can you play GTA5 in 4K or Arkham Knight in 4K on console? Can you even play them in ‘just’ 1080p and 60FPS?

            If I make a massive list of these console games will you guarantee you can do that for those too in the near future on Xbox One X?

            I’m guessing not. I can on PC.

          • OhWTFlol

            Of course, PS4 Pro doesn’t have the “hardware” to handle 4K on 30FPS natively with Arkham Knight. Let’s wait and see until Xbox One X is out and see if it can definitely run Arkham Knight on 30FPS 4K native, and we’ll know who’s the winner here.

            As what Phil Spencer and Kareem said, all of the games on Xbox One to Xbox One X will get 4K support.

            Definitely, we’ll know when XBX is out. For now my friend, none of us are winners in this argument. 😉

          • Vulcanproject

            You do realise that Xbox One X isn’t going to end up with every Xbox One game getting 4K patches right?

            It’ll have like a couple dozen older games patched like PS4 Pro, but Arkham Knight almost certainly won’t be one of them. Some mostly Microsoft titles, maybe a handful of third party ones. That’ll be it for older games.

            There is very little in it for developers to go back and patch all of their games to support it on a new console. If they aren’t all doing it on Pro you can be sure a shit they won’t for Xbox One X.

            Of course PC gamer is the winner in this issue. Because they aren’t sat there forever hoping for a 4K patch for their game of choice on their console of choice to come. It likely never will.

            You can simply put in your 10 year old game with your nice new PC, and play it in 4K if that is your desire.

    • wobblypops46

      Vulcanproject it’s pretty damn obvious that you’re a butt-hurt PS fanboy and you feel very threatened by the superior X1X judging by your comments here. Btw, I remember you, I also remember some comments you made about the PS4 some time ago, you definitely didn’t mind talking about how much more powerful it was vs the XB1 then…Hmm? PC didn’t matter then—did it?

      You know damn well that the people who’ll go out and buy the X1X don’t give a damn for the PC because they prefer consoles. But like the PS fanboy you are you pull the “then go buy a PC” card. Face it, the X1X is a beast of a console and like it or not games will look and perform better on it and like the PS4, people will buy it just because of that alone. Besides, the PS4 has almost nothing for an exclusive library—that receives so much praise! 3rd party games also sell far better and people play them more then exclusives that’s a fact.

      You mention that Xbox has hardly any games that we can’t get on the PC but what you don’t mention is that Sony is moving in the same direction with their PS Now service. They just recently announced that PS4 games will soon be coming to the service. You can try and downplay that but you and every other PS fanboy don’t know jack about anything! So, what little of an exclusive advantage the PS4 does have atm will soon be irrelevant. Further more, the X1X will not only have 360 games it will have original Xbox games giving a much larger diverse library of games to choose from.

      • Vulcanproject

        “It’s pretty damn obvious that you’re a butt-hurt PS fanboy”

        If it isn’t obvious to you I’m primarily a PC gamer and advocate you’re a massive idiot.

        Explain why I should read anything below your first sentence.

        • Lexuzze Tablante

          Both users have different IPs.

          • Vulcanproject

            OK I acknowledge that, but that’s not exactly a hard thing to do lol you could post on a phone

          • Lexuzze Tablante

            Both have different country IPs. There’s no point arguing about “IPs”. Too out of topic.

          • Vulcanproject

            Agreed, but you’ll know as well as I do changing an IP address is easier than changing a shirt

          • Lexuzze Tablante

            Technologies nowadays. Let’s give both of them the benefit of the doubt for now.

          • wobblypops46

            You fanboys are so paranoid it’s hilarious I’ll bet you know first hand all the tricks eh?

          • wobblypops46

            Why is my original reply to Vulcanproject waiting for approval all of a sudden? Everything was fine when I posted for almost an hour what’s up? Am I being censored because someones feelings got hurt? Does someone need a safe-space?

        • wobblypops46

          Wow! I honestly didn’t expect insults from you! Truth hurts I guess.

          Btw, the only massive idiot here is you because you expect everybody to swallow your neutral bs! Well some of us have been around a while and know who’s who. Your posts here say it all my angry friend!

          • Vulcanproject

            So your first reply to me and very first sentence is an insult and you didn’t expect a retort?

            You’re an even bigger idiot than I initially suspected.

          • wobblypops46

            Just stop, you have no counter argument. Go pm the mod maybe he’ll delete my posts so your bum won’t hurt so much anymore!

          • Vulcanproject

            Your argument was that I’m a butt hurt Playstation fanboy correct?

            Not that you managed to intelligently prove any of my points were incorrect, you just focused on labelling me as a Playstation fanboy because it is you in fact that has no useful arguments.

            So my counter argument is that I’m obviously a PC gamer and you’re an idiot if you think otherwise.

            Both solid points.

          • wobblypops46

            Excuse me but I successfully refuted all your points (prove me wrong) and all you’ve done is lash out at me and try to get me kicked out of here by the moderator, as anyone reading here can attest to.

          • Vulcanproject

            Your argument was entirely based on me being and I quote “a butt hurt PS fanboy” which blatantly isn’t the case.

            I barely even mentioned PS4 Pro and when I did it was often negative, pointing out it’s lack of 4K patch support on older titles as well.

            Honestly if you can do better than this I suggest you at least try because this is weak weak sauce from you.

            Also feel free to ask the moderator if I reported your posts or messaged them privately. I didn’t, not that you didn’t deserve it mind….

          • wobblypops46

            *sigh* You’re a coward Vulcanproject. smh

      • OhWTFlol

        This. Upvote.

        • Vulcanproject

          Don’t switch to a second account with like 4 replies ever in total to post, then switch back and upvote yourself. It’s a bit too obvious.

          If you’re losing an argument badly then man up instead, you might get a bit more respect.

        • wobblypops46

          That comment is on hold for approval by Sirus gaming I suspect censorship because our angry little friend is in need of a safe-space and has complained to his buddies here.

  • angh

    Why getting xbox one x is better than any ps4? nooo idea.
    Surely not for number of exclusives. Nor for their score. And PC is simply faster, while not this much more expensive and with whole steam/gog library.

    • Lexuzze Tablante

      I don’t disagree with you about Steam and the GOG library, but $499 is a good price point in my opinion for third-party titles.

    • wobblypops46

      It’s so amusing watching fanboys damage control the X1X with the PC even though console gamers don’t care about the PC. I know, I know, but you’re not a fanboy—even though you mention number of exclusives, Metacritic scores—and you pulled the “PC is better” card! smh.

      Truth is, the advantage in the number of exclusives that the PS4 has is pathetically small. Also, PS4 games are coming over to Sony’s PS Now service. Further more, 3rd party games sell better and are played more on both platforms that’s a fact, which makes your “more exclusives” point totally worthless. The X1X will also play original Xbox games as well as 360 games giving it’s library of games more depth and diversity.

      • angh

        “It’s so amusing watching fanboys damage control”

        Yes, author of this article is so funny;)

        • Lexuzze Tablante

          I’m glad I amused you. /s

          • angh

            Keep up good work! 😉 /s

          • Lexuzze Tablante

            Yeah, sure!

  • J.j. Barrington

    If “future proofing” means a dearth of first party exclusives, then yes. Otherwise, I’ll go with the console that will have games that take FULL advantage of the power under the hood.

    Nice try, though.

    • Lexuzze Tablante

      It was never the intention to “convince” people to switch. I’m pretty much giving my thoughts on the subject as I was in the place of buying a PS4 Pro but didn’t really want to invest on it. I take my third-party games now to Xbox One X. In my opinion, I think it’s best to play it on that system, while gaming on my PS4 for exclusives.

  • marc Berry

    One more PC game at it’s best ON XB1X.

    It’s coming for you PC.

  • ClanPsi

    If they were the same price I’d agree that the XBOXEXBOBEXBEOX would be the better choice, but I just don’t think the extra $100 is worth it. That being said, I don’t think either is worth it. The only reason to get a Pro over a base PS4 is if you’re getting PSVR, too. Otherwise a base PS4 or XBS are better options.