When Microsoft announced Project Scorpio, the gaming community was surprised. PC enthusiasts were skeptical about the console’s power to handle games on 4K natively. But it seems that Microsoft has kept its promise to deliver the most powerful console in this mid-generation refresh. Project Scorpio will be the star at this year’s Microsoft E3 press conference. However, Microsoft did leave out the first-party games coming to its Xbox One home console. Scalebound’s cancellation was a big slap to the Xbox One community and Platinum Games. If you want to read my piece about how Sony’s Press Conference will be electrifying, check it out.

In a recent interview with Phil Spencer by The Guardian, he stated that single-player games does not have the same impact as they had before, and that service-based titles give a lot more to the community which keeps the game alive.

Nevertheless, Phil Spencer has shed some light on that statement through Twitter saying that he didn’t mean that he doesn’t like singe-player games, but the industry nowadays go for service-based games. I, for one, love multiplayer. May it be co-op or player vs. player (PvP). Games like Titanfall 2, Star Wars Battlefront, and even Rocket League show that a big community can make the games last longer than a title without multiplayer. I love all of these mentioned games (I still play them).

What I am trying to say is, service-based games are not totally bad. How the industry works nowadays is now surrounded by big floats of money. Money can be a greedy bastard, but it can also be a great way to keep the developers motivated. This is why Phil Spencer and the Xbox team should step up and put what they all got under their sleeves this E3 as gamers who owns an Xbox One are still hopeful to see what exclusives are in-store for us console owners. They already have players buying classic Xbox 360 games, subscribing to Xbox LIVE and the Xbox Games Pass. Phil Spencer brought a great deal of service for Xbox One gamers, now is the time for him to reveal those exclusives!

Fable Fortune, a trading card game based from the Fable universe, is an upcoming free-to-play title from former Lionhead Studios developers – Flaming Fowl Studios. Microsoft has allowed the studio to use the Fable license. It’s similar to Blizzard’s Hearthstone, but it does have unique mechanics that can make TGC players love the game. Undead Lab’s upcoming open-world zombie sequel, State of Decay 2, will continue the depths of what the world has turn into – an infested zombie-land.

Another title coming on the stage of Microsoft’s E3 press conference will be their Battleborn-inspired title from Motiga, Gigantic. It’s a 5 versus 5 competitive team-based action title. The visual presentation of Gigantic looks quite similar to Gearbox’s Battleborn. The pirate multiplayer fun from the Banjo-Kazooie studio, Rare, will have another showcase at E3. Sea of Thieves does have promise, but the concentration on multiplayer can be dicey for Rare. Forza Motorsport 7 is one of the Xbox One exclusives that ran 4K natively on Project Scorpio, it’s exciting to see how it performs at E3.

Reboots, remakes, and remasters are a thing this year. Titles like LocoRoco and PaRappa The Rapper from Sony have made their way out to the PS4 this year. Microsoft is not going to just stand still and leave out great classic IPs. With the release of Voodoo Vince: Remastered, Phantom Dust will be making its way to the Xbox One family tree. From the development of its original remake, Darkside closed unfortunately, and Phil Spencer decided to have the game re-released on the Xbox One instead.

The list might not be desirable for Xbox One owners, but it is E3 people! There might be surprises under the curtains, we can definitely expect some projects from Microsoft – hopefully Phil won’t go hammer-frenzy and shut those projects down.

  • Lord Jamar

    so you can see the damn future? this is some BS


      Can you?

      So just because he kept it grounded you find it BS?

      Of course! All of those games are OK, but nothing more than that! Nothing exciting, that’s why you are hoping for something more!

      Considering what xbone has had this whole year, you should be thankful if all of those get released this year!


    • Giselle Brady

      I can’t see the future. I can look at past experiences and see Microsoft doesn’t care about the industry. Writer of this article is spot on.

      • Lord Jamar

        you and this article is full of shit

  • Giselle Brady

    No one games on Xbox anymore. Their conference will be more of the same. A 4K console no one wants and no AAA exclusive games.

    • Mr GetBadd

      a poor fanboys perspective here. just play games fanboy and stfu

      • Giselle Brady

        And a bunch of fantards rooting for Phil as he does another 180 in their faces

        • Mr GetBadd

          yeah Im not a Phil fan at all

      • Giselle Brady

        Nice conference, asshole

  • Mr GetBadd

    your going to see alot of these articles since its the in thing for reviewers and fake gaming journalists to sell out and shyt on Microsoft

    • OhWTFlol

      Just because of the title you get to salty about it? If you just read the content, you there’s not even one hint of attacking Microsoft here.

      • Mr GetBadd

        doesnt need to because all you need is a bullshit title to pull in the sheep

    • Giselle Brady

      You’re gonna see a lot of these articles because it’s the truth. People are fed up with Microsoft’s BS. Most people have moved on and bought the PS4 and Switch.

      • Mr GetBadd

        and what bs is that? refunds? AAA free games? a better Online structure? plz fanboy what else?

  • Edonus

    This seems more like a side effect the bias gaming media has created around MS and what their real war is.

    This year they reveal the most powerful console for consumer hands………And this is not the most exciting thing in gaming?

    Whats better……… A new Spiderman game I will beat and be done with in a week

    or the new God of War Game that I will play and be dine with it in a week

    or a new Mario game that I will play and be done with it in a week

    or even better than that…… the COD, and Battlefront 2 and Destiny commercials OMG………

    Even though they will all play and look better on that semi exciting new most powerful console ever made.

    I my self am very interested in and excited about Crackdown 3…. it is the most technically innovative game that has been created in the last 30 years if it delivers what they say. Not to mention they will of course announce more games…. I cant tell you what they are because they havent been announced yet. And I am always up for a new Halo.

    What I see the gaming community and media doing now is smothering the hype.

    • OhWTFlol

      I’m not sure how you see this as “biased”. The article didn’t even insulted Microsoft in any way. Dumbass.

      • Lord Jamar

        this is clearly bias are you fucking blind the fact this even exist is just man smh gonna see more and more of bull shit articles liek this the closer we get to e3

        • OhWTFlol

          Can you point me where the bias in this article is? Or are you just another salty Xbox fanboy who can’t clearly is just butthurt because of the title?

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      do you not see how stupid what you just said is…? You think it makes more sense to be excited about a box that plays games than the games that will run on the box!!? ar eyou really THAT fickle!!? New gaming machines come out every 5 years and PC’s continue to get stronger and increase the strength on a YEARLY basis!? so power isn’t something that people should be excited baout… application is what people should be excited about you fool!

      As for what you said about Crackdown 3 being the most technically innovative game created in the last 30 years.. has got to be one of the stupidest comment’s i have ever read on the internet point blank period! The gaming industry from 1997 to now has had soo many innovations it’s incredible to even list.. The server based destruction Crackdown 3 is most certainly a marvel to be hold and should be celebrated especially in hopes it becomes industry standardised and used across the board. but to confirm that it IS the most technically innovative rather than stating it as YOUR opinion is down right stupid… GTA 3 turning the top down gameplay and modernising it and creatig the blueprint for what is now the industry standard for open world games is a more celebrated technological innovation to video games strictly due to the legacy and APPLICATION it has left in the industry.. Heck GTA: San Andreas perfecting level streaming so that entering new islands wasnt held behind a loading screen is a hugeee innovation once again because of its lasting legacy! There’s MANY examples of this even if you wanna just talk Xbox Halo 1 spearheading the use of dual analogue sticks for FPS controls and Halo 2 taking the controls and absolutlyyyyyyy perfecting it giving us the modern day blueprint of how FPS’ play is a WAYY bigger technical innovation!!

      For all we know Crackdown 3 could be the one and ONLY application of this server based destruction. We dont know the full cost of implementation and the hurdles necessary to jump through to get it to run in your game… This could fall into that pit of innovation never seen again like L.A Noir’s facial capture tech.. so your statement is WAY to brash and idiotic tbh.

      All in all i dont like making long posts but your comment was just filled with soo much stupidity and bias even though thats what you ironically seem to be moaning about!! It’s all fine having a brand loyalty to MS but being stupid is never excusable.

      • OhWTFlol

        Hands down do you mate! I couldn’t agree more.

        • Bilal Prince-Ali

          thanks bro… the annoying thing is People will turn around and automatically think i hate the Scorpio when it couldn’t be further from the truth! i REALLLYY like the scorpio and i genuinely thing from a hardware and potential perspective that it’s the greatest console of all time! BUT DOES THAT AUTOMATICALLY MEAN WE’LL GET GOOD GAMES FROM IT!!? loool f*ck no!! And seriously with everything the games industry has produced to call Crackdown the most innovative game in the past 30 years.. this guy needs a slllaaaapppp!! looooool

      • MiamiBeachMedMan

        You’re missing the point Edonus was trying to make. He’s going to access youtube videos and watch netflix on the Scorpio….he really has no use for games. Why buy a console for it’s games when you could have the mostest powerfullest consoles ever and have no games and all netflix? Makes perfect sense.

        • Bilal Prince-Ali

          loooool!!!!! jesus christ! hahah

      • Edonus

        Your first paragraph is just retarded…. Yes I and any other sane person will be excited for a new more powerful console even if it is just part of a 5 year cycle.The technology is impressive and exciting. I like many others dont game on PC at least not in a consumer casual way. PC compared is more complex and expensive with little return. Most PC gamers rigs dont even match regular X1s and Ps4s. I wipe my a$$ with this string of thought and will now ignore it from you because it is dumb as all f^%k.

        I have a bit of a background and education that has taken me i to touching some of the technology involved in gaming so when I say Crackdown 3 has the potential to be the most technically innovative game created in the last 30 years I dont say it lightly.

        GTA3 was a change in perspective, we had games running in 3rd person and even open worlds before remember Shenmue….. new consoles had more memory so they could sustain bigger worlds. Innovation….. yes but more in design than technology. Same thing with Halos control schemes these are design decisions. What Crackdown 3 represents is so much more.

        This is not a choice of perspective, or deciding the most functional controller set up. This is new ground breaking stuff. This goes beyond destruction this opens up a level of world crafting and governing that can change the very core of gaming. And unlike the facial animations in LA Noire there are no other technologies that can replace what this proposing to in any shape form or fashion.

        Stop being a pony and maybe you will see the light.

        • Bilal Prince-Ali

          looooooool… please.. please go back into obscurity because you’r ea fu*king dumbass!! loool

          you have come into touching distance..? I am finishing my Video games Technology degree! so you are in touching distance but this is my life! and i can tell you straight up you’re a dumbass loool…

          You simply dont understand because you choose not to understand and thats absolutely fine too, you can remain in your bubble…

          But to just end all of this.. you being more excited about a box than games is really telling of you as a gamer lool… and thats where i shall leave this.. :)… enjoy your day

  • John Doe

    The fantard is strong in this clickbait article

    • OhWTFlol

      I bet you didn’t even read this article.

  • Rafoca

    It’s funny all the criticism towards Phil’s statement on single-player games vs games as service . People always come and say about Witcher, Skyrim and Horizon success. But if we make a list of online games, it will be way longer… world of warcraft, a lot of mmos, warframe, overwatch, gta 5 (yes, the online mode is what make players keep coming back), card games, etc etc etc

    Online games in general are more profitable. And I do love co-op, so I hope MS keep focusing on that.

    And I hope that because of all the criticism, MS E3 will be awesome.

    • Lexuzze Tablante

      I wouldn’t disagree. It’s great to have multiplayer in single-player titles — especially online-co-op! That feature makes a game last longer in the few months, or even years, to come. Halo is a great example, and even Gears. The Last of Us multiplayer has some moments, also Uncharted, but not really enough to make it last.

      • Lord Jamar

        i mean look at the umcomeing games, red dead 2 both single player and multiplayer

        shadow of mordor 2 singleplayer

        battlefront 2 multiplayer focus

        destiny 2 multiplayer focus

        cod world war 2 multiplayer focus

  • DevilDogA99

    So nothing then. Decent is probably all it will deserve. Here’s a big expensive thing that if you really cared about what it offers, you would just buy a PC. Hope you don’t want to play anything special on it because we have nothing. We’re also planning on making games were you never stop paying for them, constantly nickel and dimming you. Sony/ Actvison was bad with Destiny but we can do even worse.

    • Lord Jamar

      your full of shit

      • DevilDogA99

        It’s your’e and if you would like to somehow prove me wrong, by all means, go ahead. I basically just said what either they have told us or what the gaming community is thinking, based off what they have told us.