We have been seeing a lot of taglines from both companies that “Scorpio is still part of the Xbox One family” and “PS4 Pro is still part of the same family” even if both of the mid-generation upgrades are far more powerful than the base units – especially Project Scorpio. It has been stated by Phil Spencer in a Gamasutra interview that “games are going to live longer than we’re used to”. So, I guess it’s time for Sony to have backwards-compatibility for the PS5 when it launches?

Microsoft has been giving what console owners want (except exclusives at this time) especially backwards-compatibility – the feature that has been almost abolished since the last generation (PS3 was backwards-compatible but took that feat down on the Slim and Superslim due to the emulator chip overheating.). It’s a step-up for Microsoft for being able to slowly expand their Xbox 360 list of compatible games for the Xbox One. I mean, who would not miss the PS2 generation where we can play PS1 games, right? Going back to old games are also fun, making it live longer in a current-gen console if your last gen breaks. An example of this is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. With the incorporation of backwards-compatibility for Xbox One, there has been a lot of gamers playing Black Ops 2’s multiplayer again on Xbox.

Sony did take on backwards-compatibility in a different route. They took on the streaming service path where players will have to pay for a subscription to play classics. I own a hefty amount of PS1, PS2, and PS3 games. If ever my old generation console die because of uncertainties, then I might not be able to play them again and I have to be forced to pay for a subscription just to play my good old Final Fantasy VII and Chrono Cross – or even Brave Fencer Musashi! I already bought the game, and I’m still going to pay for a service just to let me play my old game? To be honest, that’s bullcrap. It’s paying more.

I have to be honest, I felt a bit disappointed that the PS4 didn’t have the feature. Why? I didn’t have a PS3 until 2015, and a month after I bought a PS4. Now you’re going to wonder and ask: “why would you even buy a PS3 in 2015 when the PS4 is already out? Are you stupid?” Apparently, I’m not stupid, and I want to play the exclusives that PS3 has. I had the PS1 and PS2, and I don’t want to skip a generation. If only PS4 was backwards-compatible, it would have saved me money from buying a used PS3.

In a business perspective, we can already think of speculations on what Sony will have in their sleeves for the PS5. The Xbox Scorpio is the next bar that they have to top when it comes to hardware. And Sony has been very observant when it comes to trends of what players want. They listen to feedback, and they want to deliver what features that the majority of their loyal consumers need. I think it’s time for Sony to counter the Scorpio with backwards-compatibility. It’s going to give them a better advantage over Scorpio in so many angles especially with their consistency on exclusives too.

With the hardware that Sony is already planning for PS5, we all know that they will always deliver the kind of exclusives and hardware that PS4 users want. But what we need now is backwards-compatibility for the PS5.

  • Well in theory since PS4 jumped over to x86, assuming PS5 is x86 as well it should support backwards compatibility.

  • Hvd

    wont happen if sony cared about backwards-compatibility they would have done it already and since ips now will be a service on pc with for get about it.if they can make a dime on ps now real backwards compatibility will never come to the play station..lmao.

    give up this sony backwards compatibility talk.its not going to happen.


      Good thing they speciallize on getting great NEW games for the system!

      Does the x1 have great exclusives this year yet?

  • Note5

    PS5 will 100% be backwards compatible with PS4 & PS4 Pro.
    There done.

    • Billy

      PS cant even get the Pro “boost mode” to work with all games and it is the same as working backwards compatible, old game more power but no PS has never done any backward compatible games (Re-Mastered don’t count) so why, or rather how would they do it now. Don’t get me wrong I would love PS running backward compatible games but each game is licensed for the console it is released on, so it is up to the Publisher to decide if they will allow games to run on different consoles, with PS never running backward compatible, not only do they have the hardware and software issues they have the legal ones. I don’t see Sony putting out a PS5 not when they still have not fixed the Pro, if they do it will piss allot of PS gamers off, a few would be ok with upgrading 2 years latter because face it if they started now without rushing dev of a console it would be next year, which would be 2 years since the Pro, crappy life span of a console. Xbox has the right idea by calling Scorpio and Xbox One the same family they bypass legal issues (for the most part) and they know enough to run all their games basically backward compatible considering the leap of power. Now if PS sat back and watched how Scorpio did for 2 years before they started dev of a new console then they would be ok and they could prevent some if the issues that we all know Scorpio is going to have.

  • Billy

    It is to early for PS to put out the PS5 there are so many issues with the Pro that needs to be fixed and they release times would be way to close together. If PS/Sony was doing a console it would be 2018 late to 2020 not that I think it would be 2018 still to early. Think about 2 years for games and dev of a new console plus testing reveal and hyping it up. PS has never done backward compatible games (re-mastered don’t count because a re-mastered game is new optimized software for a new console based on an old game) PS cant even get the Pro to run all its games with a minor improvement (when compared to generational leap) example boost mode not working with all games, when in fact it tells you to turn it off so the Pro runs as a PS4 will. Granted they would have more experience with running their games on systems of different power if they put their 1st party games on PC or if they ever before now had worried about backward compatible games. I love playing my older games showing my kids, nephews and nieces how a game has progressed but having to hook up a new system sucks, I collect them so having them is not an issue. The point is for PS is was never an issue till now, yes if they could do it they could dev PS5 and keep their gamers happy but they would have to promise something like Xbox did not to leave the PS4 or Pro behind but that I don’t see happening. PS made so many mistakes with the Pro, maybe they did so well with the PS4 they got lazy, maybe they just wanted to cut cost and get it out faster, honestly I don’t know. What I do know is that the PS4 was great two times the finished hardware of the Xbox One, but the Pro was a good idea but unfinished and Sony who relies on PS for profits is just going to have to eat it, just like MS had to eat the failure of Xbox One. Will Scorpio out sell the Pro I don’t know but I do know you cant compare it to the PS5 when it is released because they are 2 different generations, compare the PS4 with the Xbox One or the Pro with Scorpio (not that we know everything about it yet) but comparing 2 different gens would not be a fair comparison.

    No matter though Sony would not let PlayStation make a big mistake right now with their profits as low as they are (Sony low profits not PS, PS is the only division that is doing great at Sony) more than likely they will watch for a year then decide what they will do, but if they don’t get the Pro running better then I feel for them. My girl friend yells at hers all the time, not fluent in Japanese but I know enough to understand she is not happy with it, me I am patience and know they will fix what they can, hopefully boost mode.

  • kreator

    Sony does not listen to feedback…lie #1


      Wow! and yet they managed to meke the best console this gen and cover it with the best exclusives!

      Maybe its a good thing they “do not listen”.

  • kreator

    How can Sony counter a console from the previous gen with a whole new gen?? Don’t you mean Sony will have to try and top whatever new console M$ brings next gen with PS5?!! Scorpio is an eighth gen console and this article is very salty I might add…

    • bigevilworldwide

      I don’t think idiots grasp that the Scorpio is a Pro like console….They seem to keep talking like its the next gen Xbox, when MS has said its the “premium” mid gen upgrade….

      • kreator

        If any of the three has a 9th gen console it’s Nintendo!

  • Night Fall

    Please explain why would $ony release ps5 already and why is there talks about it. The last thing I need is to buy another play $tation among the one I already have . Stop pressuring $ony to make a unnecessary system.

    • kreator

      Exactly…bias media at it’s best 🤦🏾‍♂️


    Ps5 will probably be backwards compatible with ps4! Regardless, all ps5 (or ps4 for that matter) needs to do is keep getting the best games on the system. Thats more than enough!

  • Hvd

    what ecosystem on the ps4?….lmao.