Tropico 5 Launches on PlayStation4 Today

The illustrious Caribbean dictator makes his PlayStation debut across Europe.

The Tropico Ministry of Propaganda and Misinformation is proud to announce that today, El Presidente makes his welcome debut on PlayStation®4 with the launch of the highly acclaimed dictator sim,Tropico 5. Make no mistake; your rule over the island paradise will not be an easy one as your people will be looking to you to guide them from a small colonial state of the Crown to a sprawling metropolis of the future. Use your new family dynasty to build your legacy across the ages overcoming world events such as the World Wars and the tension filled Cold War era to create your own modern day social utopia. Alternatively install your family in positions of power and corruption or reap the rewards of alliances with Global Superpowers to ensure your Swiss bank account is burgeoning for your retirement. The choice is yours but you must manage the needs of your citizens as well as juggle the demands of rival political factions in order to stay in power and ensure the island of Tropico thrives.

Tropico 5 is available for PlayStation®4 today across Europe and Export territories as a Limited Special Edition boxed retail version containing a Tropican passport, island postcard and two DLC packs (Bayo del Olfato and The Big Cheese) for £49.99/€59.99. A digital download version is also available today from the PlayStation®Store here.

Dave Acuña
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