Retro-style Shoot-em-up Decline Takes You Back In Time

Game developer Grep announced the release of Decline, a retro space shoot-em-up for Android users. iOS and Windows versions are currently in development.

Decline is a retro space shoot-em-up in the style of similar games from the 90s.

Pilot an upgradeable ship through a series of increasingly frantic levels while collecting powerups and cash.


  • Procedurally generated ships
  • Powerups, Weapon + ship upgrades
  • Tons of weapon + bullet types
  • Teleport out of danger
  • Telefrag enemy ships
  • Bite-sized: <10 minute games)
  • Online high-scores
  • Auto-save on quit
  • Free! (Minimally ad-supported)

Decline is now available for free for Android users via the Google Play store.

Dave Acuña
Executive Editor. A casual gamer but not a filthy one. Would usually churn out mobile game reviews at the moment mainly because his current PC rig cannot run games like it used to. Loves to play passive games. Generally detests playing horror games and even FPS games just because he hates the idea of being sneaked at from the sides.

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