Order of Battle: Pacific Release Date Announced

Relive the Pacific naval battles of WW2 with Order of Battle: Pacific!

Order of Battle: Pacific is a simulation strategy game developed by The Artistocrats. Based on the battles that happened in between the forces of the US Pacific Fleet and the Imperial Japanese Navy, players get to re-enact the the battles or change the course of history. Iconic battles will be featured, but the performance of the players will directly influence the course of each campaign. Only commanders who know how to effectively combine land, air and naval units will have the chance to plant their flag on the multiple Pacific Islands.

Order of Battle: Pacific is set to be released on April 30. Developer The Artistocrats are now working on the final details to ensure a safe and successful ceremonial ship launching, later this month.

For more information about the game, visit their official Steam page and check out their trailer here.

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