Brigand Now On iOS

Brigand, the real-time roguelike for iOS, is available now! Brigand is the latest challenge from the author of classic hard iOS games Perilar and Castles.

Beneath the crumbling ruins of the Harbinger Lord’s temple, a stairway spirals down into darkness. You are about to enter a limitless, infinitely evil dungeon. On each level, there is a stairway further down, to greater treasures, more terrible monsters.

• The hardest real-time roguelike ever.
• The dungeon is persistent and uniquely generated.
• Each archetype of hero has their own strengths. You can enter as a humble Adventurer for free, or upgrade to the warrior archetypes.
• Trade with friendly NPCs.
• When you die, your corpse becomes a zombie with your valuable items. If you can find and kill that zombie again, you can get your loot back.
• Game Center achievements and leaderboards track your progress.
• Virtual d-pad (drag your finger anywhere), and compatible with iCade (©ION Audio) controller.
• Universal, works on all modern iOS devices.

Check Brigand out on the App Store.

Dave Acuña
Executive Editor. A casual gamer but not a filthy one. Would usually churn out mobile game reviews at the moment mainly because his current PC rig cannot run games like it used to. Loves to play passive games. Generally detests playing horror games and even FPS games just because he hates the idea of being sneaked at from the sides.

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