‘Supervillain’ DLC for Tropico Lets You Play as an Evil Presidente

El Presidente is getting tired of this amateur dictator image, so he’s decided that it’s about time he added a little more professionalism to his career and officially become the most famous supervillain in the whole of the Caribbean. Help him achieve his dream in the new ‘Supervillain’ DLC for Tropico 5: which is out today for PC via Steam and the Kalypso Launcher.

The brand new content for the acclaimed city-builder and political sim tasks players with helping El Prez bathe in the glory of evil madness and destroy mankind as we know it. Build a giant laser hidden inside an evil lair and use it to fire at those pesky rebels! Choose your own supervillain moniker, build a heavily defended top secret hideout and then launch a campaign towards world domination!

Included in the ‘Supervillain’ DLC

  • New standalone scenario: “Supervillain“ – Prepare to conquer the world from your top secret hideout
  • New building: Giant Laser – The ultimate tool of destruction. Let them come!
  • New dynasty avatar accessory: A villainous moustache
  • New sandbox map: Isla del Pescado
  • New music track and additional voice recordings

The ‘Supervillain’ DLC for Tropico 5 is out today for PC, Mac & SteamOS via Steam. For non-Steam users, the PC version of the DLC is available here.

Dave Acuña
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