SteamWorld Dig Coming to XBox One

SteamWorld Dig is finally coming to Xbox One! After a great time and big success on Nintendo 3DS, Steam, PlayStation 4, PS Vita and Wii U, its developer, Image & Form, is releasing the game on Xbox One.

There is an elaborate Easter egg for the Xbox One version – a gaming thing that the devs really wanted to reference and added a number of tweaks to make it better overall. They prefer to keep the versions similar to each other since it keeps everybody happy.

There isn’t a firm release date yet, but players can expect SteamWorld Dig to arrive on the Xbox Store by late May. Xbox fans have been asking for quite a while and now they can get their hands on the game.

Fans can look forward to hearing more about the release date in the near future.

For more info about the game, please visit their website or follow their Facebook page.

Dave Acuña
Executive Editor. A casual gamer but not a filthy one. Would usually churn out mobile game reviews at the moment mainly because his current PC rig cannot run games like it used to. Loves to play passive games. Generally detests playing horror games and even FPS games just because he hates the idea of being sneaked at from the sides.

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