Shrooms, Immersive Douro’s Survival game is now on Steam Greenlight!

On March 13h, Immersive Douro launched it’s first Steam Greenlight game, Shrooms.

In the exotic world of Shrooms, you experience a third-person adventure of a girl who needs to survive as long as possible no matter what.

One of Shrooms’ unique features is all the kinds of sustenance that will mutate your character and transform your gameplay style when consumed, affecting how you take on either PVP or PVE approaches to the game.

Main Features:

  • Gameplay altering mutations
  • Consumables change the strengths and weaknesses of each character
  • Resource management
  • Crafting System – Weapons, Tools, Equipments and Structures
  • Challenging PVE Bosses
  • Play on a server or host your own.

Shrooms made its debut in 2014 on “Lisboa Games Week” and “Comic Con Portugal”. Soon, Shrooms will be making another hands-on appearance at IN Festival in Lisboa.

While still in early development, Shrooms is awaiting to be approved on Steam Greenlight.

Check out their trailer here. Visit Shrooms’ Steam Greenlight page. For more information about Shrooms, visit their website.

Dave Acuña
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