Life Is Strange Episode 2 Coming Out This March

The second episode for Life Is Strange will be out on March 24, according to its developer, Dontnod. During the EGX Rezzed convention held in London, Dontnod announced that it will be released on all platforms according to schedule despite the earlier reports that it might be released on a later date.

Life Is Strange is an interactive drama graphic adventure developed by Dontnod Entertainment for PC, for PS3 and PS4, and for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The story of the game revolves around Maxine Caulfield, a girl with the ability to rewind time at any moment and could relive the “past” with a different set of choices which gives her the chance to change the timeline. Players would be able to follow the narrative in her perspective as she travels through time and work with the cause-and-effect relationships that this game is based around. Life Is Strange would be done in five episodes, with the first episode released last January.

Dontnod mentioned that episode one focused on introducing the game’s world and its characters and that this next episode would be focusing more on the consequences of the choices you made. The following episodes are set to be released within this year.

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