Kritika: The White Knights Adds Demon Blade Character in Latest Update

Kritika: The White Knights players can now unleash the skills of a new character called the Demon Blade, available in today’s Version 2.12 update. The expert swordsman showcases his abilities through a variety of attacks, such as:

  • Storm Attack: Barrel through the battlefield like a storm and strike the enemy five times.
  • Rapid Triple Slash: Flash forward to slice through enemies with three consecutive slashes.
  • Speed Strike: Charge at the enemies with a burst of speed and split them open with a powerful slash.
  • Skysplit: Attack the enemy with an initial strike, then blaze forward to strike again. Thrust enemies into the air, split them open with expert sword strokes, and land a final blow while descending.
  • Demon X: Unsheathe the demonic blade, slash an “X” through the enemy, and stun all enemies within the attack zone.

Consumed by his desire to become an invincible warrior, the Demon Blade chose a powerful cursed sword as his weapon. With this sword, he inflicts instant damage on the battlefield, but is now at risk of becoming completely possessed by sword’s evil power.

In addition to introducing the Demon Blade, the update has also increased the stats of the Berserker and Dark Valkyrie characters, resulting in balance between all six character classes: Berserker, Cat Acrobat, Shadow Mage, Dark Valkyrie, Crimson Assassin, and Demon Blade.

Kritika: The White Knights Version 2.12 is available now for free download on App Store and Google Play.

Credits: Feature image from GamevilUSA forums

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