BANDAI NAMCO Games is proud to announce that its latest smashing hit launched in February has already shipped more than 1,5M units all around the world! Going strong in three major regions; EMEA, Japan and Americas, DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE has accomplished its main purpose: please as much fans as possible!

When asked about this success, Masayuki HIRANO (Game Producer at BANDAI NAMCO Games) says: “I would like to thank everyone for their support on this new challenge. We decided to take a risk and create a completely new concept to entertain our fans and DRAGON BALL lovers and we are quite proud of the successful result! On a more personal note, I feel honoured to create a game around a licence as massive as DRAGON BALL!
On behalf of BANDAI NAMCO Games: thanks for your amazing support! We will continue working and reaching new heights!” 

The game is still available at your favourite retailer and on the PlayStation®Network, Xbox Market Place and STEAM® along with the season pass! The first DLC pack will be available starting 17/03 on STEAM® and Xbox Market Place and on 18/03 for PlayStation®Network!

Dave Acuña
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