Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Kickstarter a Success

Innovative, advanced and high-quality simulation game on its way to PC.

Warsaw, Poland, March 19th 2015: Indie games developer Red Dot Studios
and games publisher PlayWay are excited to announce the forthcoming release (probably 14th April) of Car Mechanic Simulator 2015, a continuation and follow-up to their popular 2014 edition with more than 4 million bought copies since its release (best-selling simulator game in year 2014).

CMS 2015 ended with success crowdfunding campaign via KickStarter™, reaching for almost 23.000$ and trust of 1200+ backers. PlayWay is no stranger to running successful crowdfunding campaigns as a couple of the their previous titles such as The Way and Hard West both surpassed their target goals last year!

You play the mechanic and you have the challenging task of repairing cars for your demanding clients. Build and expand your repair service empire in this incredibly detailed and highly realistic simulation game, where attention to detail is astonishing. Featuring more cars, more tools, more options, and more parts than ever before, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Spend hard-earned money on expansions and improve on your skills. Buy junk cars to renovate and sell them with profit, or take your chances as a car collector.

Car Mechanic Simulator includes car auctions where old cars are available for resale or your collection. A new visual tuning feature allows you to replace bumpers, lights, wheels, a bonnet or the steering wheel, and fine-tune to perfection according to needs. With the inclusion of photo-mode, you can take stunning before-and-after pictures, and the games infinite number of randomly generated mission’s promises to keep you more than busy (and dirty). Each mission offers its own unique challenge with varying difficulty and time constraints to meet. If you need tools, additional and extras are available for purchase, and eventually you can upgrade your garage to include specific equipment such as lacquer spray booth or dyno.

With its 16 base car models, each offering hundreds of interactive parts, including body work elements and engine components, Car Mechanic Simulator offers an amazing level of detail, down to the smallest of bolts! Additional DLCs currently in development will offer even more cars, more parts and even more features, adding to an already impressive gameplay experience. All these things cause that CMS 2015 brings out a lot of interest not only in gamers world, but also among fans of cars, mechanics, motorization. Many car-mechanics Youtubers will make gameplays of the new Car Mechanic Simulator 2015.

Dave Acuña
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  • It might a pathetic video game according to some people but it will allow you to understand all the basic repairs. I think it`s a great idea since it would be very interesting. Fixing your car could be costly if you hire a mechanic. Some of these fixes are very easy and everyone should do it themselves.

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