Cabela’s African Adventures Launched

Activision Publishing, Inc. brings action gaming back to the wild today with the launch of Cabela’s® African Adventures on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.

Cabela’s African Adventures is a third-person shooter that takes players to the untamed landscapes of the African wilderness. From savannah to jungle to desert, there are four diverse, open-world biomes to explore on foot or by vehicle, each teeming with quests to conquer, collectibles to discover and dangerous wildlife to outwit. Hone your special skills, build your arsenal and go after the ultimate prey – the Big Five. These legendary beasts rule the continent – the rhino, lion, leopard, cape buffalo and African elephant.

The Xbox One and PlayStation®4 editions of Cabela’s African Adventures bring the game’s vast, verdant environments to life with vivid detail, vibrant colour and improved performance overall. These versions also include Shooting Galleries, a rapid-paced arcade action mode that lets hunters challenge the might of nature alone or with three other players locally in deadeye-testing trigger trials.

Cabela’s African Adventures is now available on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. This game is rated PEGI 16. For more on great Cabela’s titles from Activision Publishing, Inc., please visit their page, and follow along at their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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